For reference

All the Fundamental Theorems Together
Maxwell’s Equations
Minus Signs

Chapter 1: Vector Analysis

Gradients Theorem
Divergence Theorem
Stokes’ Theorem (Curl)
Dirac Delta Function
Potentials and Boundary Conditions

Chapter 2: Electrostatics

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 2
Electric Field
Divergence and Curl of Electric Field, Gauss’s Law
Potential, Work, Energy
Boundary Conditions and Conductors

Chapter 3: Potentials

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 3
Laplace’s Equation and the Method of Images
Separation of Variables
Multipole Expansion

Chapter 4: Electric Fields in Matter

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 4
Debrief HW3
Boundary Values in the Presence of a Dielectric
Full solution to the Dielectric Cylinder Problem
Final Words (Rant?) on Displacement

Summary of Course so Far
Survey Results

First Exam

What will be the format of the 1st exam?
Practice Problems for 1st exam
First Exam

Chapter 5: Magnetostatics

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 5
Lorentz and Biot-Savart
Ampere’s Law and the Vector Potential

Chapter 6: Magnetic Fields in Matter

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 6
Magnetization and the Field of a Magnetized Object
The Auxiliary Field

Chapter 7: Electrodynamics

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 7
Electromotive Force and Induction
Maxwell’s Equations

Chapter 8: Griffiths calls it Conservation laws, at this point we only picked up the Continuity Equation and saved the rest for after Chapter 9

(We’re kind of picking up Chapter 8 along the way…)
Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 8

Chapter 9: Electromagnetic Waves

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 9
Polarization of Waves in Linear and Conducting Media
Boundary Conditions, Reflection and Transmission

Second Exam

Review for the second exam
What will be the format of the 2nd exam?
Practice Problems for 2nd exam
Second Exam

Poynting Vector, Energy, Transmission coefficient (parts of chapters 8 and 9)

In a quarter wave plate, can we really assume the transmission coefficients are the same?
Poynting Theorem, Poynting Vector, Energy, Momentum
Poynting Theorem in EM Waves, Transmission and Reflection Coefficients
Waves in a Tenuous Plasma, Dispersion

Chapter 10: Potentials and Fields

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 10
The Potential Formulation
The Deferred Potential
Leinard-Wiechert Potential

Chapter 11: Radiation

Andrea’s Crash Course in Chapter 11
Dipole Radiation
Radiation from a Point Charge

The Final Week: Looking backwards and forwards

Chapter 10 Review (emphasis Gauge and Deferred) Plus Relativity, Chapt 12
Chapter 10 Review cont’d including Deferred Potential
Pancake breakfast party, and Review Chapter 11. We’ll do a questionnaire here to get your thoughts about the class

The Final Exam

You may look at the following whenever you want. It explains the format of the exam and what kind of problems to expect. Format of the Final Exam

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